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I wanted to just leave this as a post on The Hathor Legacy, since they're a feminist site about critiquing the media and whatnot, but my browser is fucking up and when I try to leave a post it says ERROR for some reason.

AAAANYWHOOOO, there's a Sex and the City mini-marathon playing on E! right now and I just saw the episode where Miranda gets pregnant by Steve after having feel-better sex with him 'cuz he lost a testicle to cancer. She plans on having an abortion without telling him and Charlotte's all pissed 'cuz she's been trying for a baby with Trey but she's infertile/has a 15% chance of conception.
Carrie ends up telling her boyfriend (and Steve's friend) Aiden about this and he's all like, "BAWWW WHAT ABOUT TEH MENZ SHE CAN'T DO THIS IT'S HIS BABY TOO THE MEN GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK HERP DERP".

TL;DR - Miranda ends up getting all guilt-tripped about it and keeps the baby for everyone else's sake but her own. >_>

At the end of the ep, Carrie admits to Aiden that when she was 22 she had unprotected sex with some guy who was a roller-skates riding waiter at a FuddRucker's or some shit and she got an abortion. Aiden's all like, "HAY, BACK IN THE DAY I WAS NO ANGEL EITHER" (as if getting an abortion is TEH EBIL~!!1one) and then they go out to dinner or something.

Considering how Republicans have been slowly but surely chipping away at Roe v. Wade (and the fact that women hardly have any bodily autonomy in this world to begin with) this just left a bad taste in my mouth.

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